Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw.


6 thoughts on “Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw.

  1. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  2. What a calm and beautiful illustration! The way you painted the shadow of a cloud in the grass added it a nice and alive feeling! I can’t understand the meaning of it’s title , but it sure is an awesome illo , perfect for children’s book!

  3. the title is the author of the illos… they are not mine! but thanks for your comment and for coming to La Casuni…

  4. These are beautiful, and I also adore your artwork as well! Very nice!

  5. gracias por el link Valeria! es genial!

  6. valeria! tanto tiempO! me gustan mucho tus ilustraciones! estas son hermosas! espero que andes bien y tu familia tambien!

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